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RD4U is a website designed for young people by young people. It is part of Cruse Bereavement Care's Youth Involvement Project and is available to support people after the death of someone close. RD4U means the 'road for you' - the main aim of the site is to let you find your own 'road' to dealing with your loss.

Jigsaw4u is a child-centered charity supporting children and young people through loss and trauma whilst also empowering them to have a voice in decision-making about their own lives, the development of Jigsaw4u and policy and practice locally, regionally and nationally.

Lesbian and Gay Bereavement Project 0207 403 5969

Rubycare Foundation (pre-bereavement support) 0560 329 5121

SAMM (support for bereavement by murder and manslaughter) 0845 872 3440

SANDS (support for bereaved parents) 020 7436 5881

SOBS (survivors of bereavement by suicide) 0844 561 6855

WAY Foundation (support for young widowed) 0300 012 4929

Winston's Wish (support for bereaved children) 0845 203 0405

Pet Bereavement 0800 096 6606

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